Rare Leopards are out of sight at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

22/04/2017 in Highland Wildlife Park

Keepers at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park are excited to unveil the work they have been doing behind the scenes to help the rarest big cat in the world, the Amur leopard, in time for Earth Day on the 22nd April. Construction recently finished on a very large facility that encloses a wonderful portion of natural Highland habitat that despite its high profile inhabitants, will not be on show to visitors.


Sir David Attenborough helps bring RZSS armadillo project to life on screen

07/04/2017 in RZSS

The award-winning conservation and education work carried out by RZSS’s Conservation Project Manager, Arnaud Desbiez, and his team is being highlighted in an upcoming BBC television documentary called Hotel Armadillo. The Natural World documentary, which is narrated by Sir David Attenborough, is due to air on Friday 7 April at 9pm on BBC2.


WildGenes Blog Counting capercaillie using feathers from the forest floor…

25/03/2017 in RZSS

DNA analysis is a powerful tool when it comes to informing conservation practices and population management. For instance, did you know it can be used to evaluate the number of individuals in the wild without actually having to see them?


RZSS Giant Armadillo Project - Caught on camera

15/03/2017 in Conservation

The RZSS Giant Armadillo Project team have caught a wide variety of diffent species using giant armadillo burrows using camera traps.


World Wildlife Day 2017 - Survey of uncharted Myanmar region finds Southeast Asia’s last great wilderness

03/03/2017 in Conservation

Camera trap surveys by the Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative (KWCI), with support from RZSS, WWF and other partners, have found at least 31 mammals including tigers, leopards and Asian Elephants in a region previously inaccessible to biologists and conservationists for security and political reasons.


Just when you are about to give up, four giant armadillos come along at once!

14/02/2017 in Conservation

Just when you are about to give up, four giant armadillos come along at once!


An update from the scimitar-horned oryx reintroductions in Chad

11/02/2017 in Conservation

An update from RZSS WildGenes on the scimitar-horned oryx reintroductions in Chad


Public urged to vote for Scotland’s beavers

23/01/2017 in RZSS

Members of the public are being asked to give their backing to beavers in the BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards. The Eurasian beaver is one of four species shortlisted in the ‘Wildlife Success Story’ category following its successful reintroduction to Scotland.

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