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Seeing spots and stripes

24/05/2016 in Edinburgh Zoo

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo has welcomed the arrival of an endangered Malayan tapir calf. The spotty and striped young male was born in the early hours of Friday 20 May to mother Sayang and father Mogli.


HWP Social Animals- May part 2

21/05/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

Some of our favourite fan photos this month.


Which bear is that?

19/05/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

Keepers at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park were recently shocked to discover a brown bear in the female polar bear’s enclosure. There was no sign of Victoria at all, and she seemed to have been replaced by a completely different species of bear all together. On closer inspection however keepers realised that the bear was indeed Victoria, but she was covered head to paw in mud, with not an inch of clean fur in sight!

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