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Pandas find rare Pokémon

23/07/2016 in Edinburgh Zoo

Pokémon fever has taken the world by storm and has made its way to RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. The Zoo is home to over 1,000 rare and endangered animals, but with the addition of rare Pokémon scuttling around the site, the number of rare species has significantly increased.


Playtime for baby Baku

21/07/2016 in Edinburgh Zoo

Two-month old endangered tapir calf, Baku is growing up big and strong… not to mention full of adventure! Already doubled in size, keepers have filmed the calf in a boisterous mood trying to persuade his dad Mowgli to have some fun.


Hey, hey we’re the monkeys!

14/07/2016 in Edinburgh Zoo

Keepers and scientists at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s Living Links are delighted to welcome five, tiny squirrel monkey babies to the troop.

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