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We are delighted to announce that the Wild about Scotland Virtual Learning World is now live! It contains fantastic resources on Scottish biodiversity and is FREE for all teachers.


Please click here to create an account / log in to access the resources 

and select the Wild about Scotland course under ‘Which of our online courses are you interested in?’


The Wild about Scotland bus and team have been visiting schools across Scotland inspiring children with our amazing native wildlife. We would now like to extend our reach further through our specially designed online resources.


The resources shown below are examples from our Wild about Scotland virtual learning world.


An introduction to mini-beasts (pdf)

Mini-beast safari booklet (pdf)

How to build a mini-beast hotel (see video above)


Beavers and Wildcats

Beaver poster (pdf)

Scottish wildcat (pdf)


Endangered Animals 

An introduction to endangered animals (pdf)

Green living quiz (PowerPoint)