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Wild about Scotland School Sessions

All of our sessions are interactive and encourage investigative and team working skills. They have been specially designed to include Curriculum for Excellence links for Science, Social Studies, Technologies and Literacy.

Typically the Wild about Scotland bus would come to your school for the day, with sessions starting after your morning break. You can decide which combination of sessions you would like to make up your day. We may be able to adapt our sessions for your specific needs, please discuss this when making your booking. Please note none of our sessions involve bringing live animals with us on the bus!

We currently offer:

The Bonnie Beasts of Scotland

This session is an assembly for N-P7 introducing amazing Scottish animals and their habitats across our country through a fun and interactive game. It takes place in a school hall.

Sessions on-board the Wild about Scotland bus are aimed at upper primary pupils (P4-7). Each session can take a maximum of 26 children.

Past and Present (60 mins)

Wild About Scotland Bus - Beavers and Wildcats

This session is an insight into Scottish animal extinctions and re-introductions; focusing on the successful re-introduction of beavers to Scotland. During the session, pupils will learn about Scotland’s native species, the reasons behind the extinction of some of those species and the RZSS conservation work that is ongoing regarding reintroduction.

The session involves investigative activities, with pupils working in small groups and rotating around different stations on the bus. They will learn about the successful Scottish Beaver Trial, examine biofacts, discover why beavers are called ‘ecosystem engineers’ and get the chance to build their own beaver dam.


Saving Scotland's Wildcats

Wild About Scotland Bus - Beavers and Wildcats

This session is centred round one of Scotland's last remaining natural predators - the Scottish wildcat. During the session, pupils will learn about its threats, inherited characteristics, and what is being done to help protect it.

Pupils get the chance to take part in interactive activities such as examining skull specimens, investigating a crime scene and discovering inherited Scottish wildcat features. All while learning about how the Scottish Wildcat Action project is helping to protect them for the future.  

Marvellous Mini-beasts (90 mins)

Wild About Scotland Bus - Mini BeastsThis session is designed to engage pupils with the wildlife found on their doorstep. Pupils are equipped with nets and pots to explore their school grounds and find as many different  mini-beasts as possible (a suitable wild area in the school grounds is required). Collected mini-beasts are then taken back to the bus where they are further examined under magnifying glasses and identified using keys. Pupils record what they have found and their data is pooled into a class graph. We then discuss the importance of different mini-beasts in an ecosystem and what we can do to help conserve them. Pupils create a simple 'mini-beast home' to place in their school grounds.

NB/ this session is unavailable during winter months.


Endangered Animals (60 mins)


This session focuses on the main threats to wildlife in Scotland and what personal action can be taken to help. Pupils work in small groups rotating around stations on the bus, each offering clues to a threat faced by Scottish wildlife (habitat loss, pollution, over-hunting, live capture, invasive species and natural disasters). It concludes with a discussion about how the threats are being managed and the pupils deciding how they could change their behaviour to help the environment.


Seas, Forests, Mountains and Moors (60 mins)


TWild about Scotland bus - Endangered Animalshis session looks at the main habitats in Scotland; woodland, lochs, rivers and wetlands, mountains, heaths and bogs, coasts and seas, farmland and croftland, and urban. Children will learn the identifying characteristics of each habitat and discover how animals and plants are adapted to each one.


If you have scheduled your P4-7 classes and there is time remaining we also offer 30 minute sessions for P1-3: 'Busy Beavers' and 'Skulls, Teeth and Diet' and a 15 minute puppet story 'Adventures of Polly the Puffin' for Nursery groups.