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In Memorium

Often in our lives, events come to pass that cause deep sorrow or incredible joy. These occasions can be remembered or celebrated by taking out a unique giving package with RZSS.

We will work with you to honour the memory you wish to preserve, and will offer you the opportunity to place either a commemorative plaque or bench in a location of your choice.

Our engraved plaques offer a permanent reminder of a loved one, favourite animal or special event, and will be placed around the reflection pond by the Mansion House at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, offering a tranquil spot for taking some time out.

Should you wish to opt for a wooden bench, we will discuss your requirements and help you capture your memories through a special engraving with words of your choice. Benches can be placed across either site, if you or your loved one have an animal of choice or preferred spot.

Both our plaques and benches are maintained by our staff and, once purchased, will remain on site for as long as the parks remain open to the public.

For more details of our personal commemorative packages, please contact us on, or give us a call on 0131 314 0380.


Did you know?


Through something called a ‘Deed of Variation’, you can re-direct all or part of an inheritance you have received to RZSS. Not only will this allow you to do something positive in memory of your loved one but importantly it may also result in a substantial tax saving.

The Deed must be completed within two years from the date of death and allows you to re-draft the Will to leave some or all of your inheritance to someone else, including a charity.

If the person who left the Will’s estate has paid - or would be subject to paying - inheritance tax, you can re-claim or save the 40% tax paid. This means a gift of £1,000 to RZSS would only cost you £600.

A Deed of Variation not only saves on paying tax, but it would also support RZSS in our charitable mission to connect people to nature and to safeguard species from extinction.

If this interests you or you would like more information, please contact Laura-Jane in the Development team, on 0131 314 0323 - or email

PS. You can now receive a 10% discount for the preparation of such a Deed through our partnership with Gillespie Macandrew LLP. Get in touch to find out more.