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About RZSS

RZSS Sustainable Practices and Events Update


  • Edinburgh Zoo has been ISO14001 certified since 2009 and was awarded a Green Tourism Award – Gold Standard - in 2017.

  • We have been reducing our energy consumption on site through the; installation of energy efficient LED lighting, PIR’s and heating/ lighting timers.

  • Encouraging sustainable travel to the Zoo, there are two electric vehicle charging stations installed in the Zoo car park free for visitors.

  • Air source heat pumps provide renewable heating to the indoor Indian Rhino pool. The installation of the Ecodan system has helped reduce both running costs and emissions by around 30 per cent.
  • Composting of the used coffee from the Zoo’s on-site cafes and restaurants. Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen - an essential nutrient for plant growth – the compost they produce is slightly acidic meaning it’s perfect for the acid-loving plants we grow around the park.

  • In all catering facilities on site we use Vegware cups, cutlery and straws. The Vegware items are plant-based, bio-degradable and use 72% less carbon than plastic counterparts. All Vegware items are completely compostable and can be disposed of in our food waste bins available throughout the park.

  • The installation of a utility monitoring system provides real time data on water usage to help identify leaks and unusual usage patterns.
  • We have introduced a phased installation of waterless urinals across the park helping to make reductions in our water usage.
  • Where feasible, our new build enclosures now include green roofs which allow for grey water harvesting to assist with window washing as well as enhancing biodiversity and providing an opportunity for carbon off-setting. Recent examples include; Meerkat Plaza and Tiger Tracks.