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Arid-land conservation genetics

Arid-land conservation genetics

Our aim is to provide genetic and genomic resolution for arid-land conservation in Arabia and Africa.

We generate data to support reintroductions, captive management and wild monitoring of a large range of threatened taxa, for example the scimitar-horned oryx, Arabian oryx, sand gazelle, sand cat, and dama gazelle. We work with the ultimate goal in mind of establishing a global genetic in-situ/ex-situ conservation management plan for the target species. Lack of genetic data, common in understudied desert taxa, often causes a block in the conservation management decision making process and so we also conduct research on the resolution of taxonomic issues in a number of desert ungulate and carnivore species.

Arabian sand gazelle (Gazella marica)

Arabian sand gazelle (Gazella marica)

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Project Gallery

  • Entrance to Al Wasta Wildlife Reserve, most famous for being the site of the first Arabian Oryx reintroduction.

  • Arabian oryx at Al Wasta Wildlife Reserve

  • RZSS WildGenes technicians Jennifer Kaden (Centre) and Muhammad Ghazali (Centre right) training scientist from the OCE and the laboratory in Edinburgh Zoo

  • Radio tracking dama gazelle in Safia Reserve

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