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Cecilia Langhorne


Cecilia is the Biobank Coordinator within RZSS WildGenes. Focused on preserving genetic material for long-term storage and use by the conservation community, Cecilia is promoting the wider use of biobanks. Cecilia has a background in reproductive physiology, gamete cryopreservation and amphibian conservation. Her previous research focused on enhancing conservation breeding efforts in North American amphibians through assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). This included the development of gamete stimulation, artificial fertilisation, and sperm cryopreservation techniques for several threatened and endangered anuran species. Cecilia was also engaged in promoting the use of ARTs in amphibian conservation strategies and facilitating capacity building in partner zoos and breeding institutions across the US. She is particularly interested in developing methods for the long-term preservation of genetic material through genome resource banking and is passionate about promoting the valuable role of biobanks in conservation.


PhD (Mississippi State University, USA) Reproductive physiology and conservation BSc hons (University of Glasgow, UK) Zoology


Senior Scientific Officer– Beatson Cancer Research Institute, Glasgow, UK Research technician – National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK


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