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Dr Thomas Doherty-Bone

Conservation Associate

Research interests

Thomas co-ordinates the RZSS African Amphibian & Reptile Program. This project was founded after an RZSS funded expedition to Cameroon in 2006.

Thomas' work covers the following topics:

  • - Amphibians and reptiles as umbrellas for sustainable environmental management
  • - Building capacity for sustainable environmental management in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • - Amphibian & reptile decline crisis - causes and consequences
  • - Freshwater ecology
  • - Alien invasive species - ecological impacts, mitigation and public understanding (topic of his UK-based PhD at the University of Leeds, with applications to work in Cameroon)
  • - Habitat management promoting biodiversity, especially in the UK (including Highland Wildlife Park)


PhD (Leeds) Physical Geography (Freshwater Ecology)
MSc (Imperial) Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity
BSc Hons (Aberdeen) Zoology


For all of Thomas' publications please visit his Google Scholar page