Our Projects

Jess Wise

Conservation Engagement Manager


Jess is RZSS’ first conservation engagement manager. This role was established in November 2019 to help the Society share more information about the diverse range of conservation projects it is involved in. Jess is based within the Conservation department and works closely with the Development and Communications teams to coordinate and deliver our conservation message to the public. It is an exciting and dynamic role that involves working closely with the RZSS conservation programme managers to develop outreach opportunities for over twenty active projects that the department is currently working on.


Jess has a background in both practical conservation field work and science communication, and enjoys working within zoological organisations where that combined skillset can be particularly useful. Jess has worked in several UK-based zoos, as well as spending extensive time on international projects with NGOs and zoo-funded in-situ work in Madagascar and Indonesia. Her research interests include animal behaviour, animal welfare within the conservation industry, and wildlife rehabilitation for release. Jess has experience in website development, social media account management, and public speaking. She is also a keen photographer. Jess enjoys staying up to date with the growing conservation communication community and sharing her passion for wildlife and travel with a wide range of audiences to encourage more people to love and protect the wild world and its inhabitants.


MSc (University of Edinburgh, UK) Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare

BSc (University of the West of England, UK) Conservation Biology