Our Projects

Qais ALRawahi

PhD student

Research interests
I’m interested in the patterns and process of Conservation medicine and population genetics of Arabian Oryx (Oryx Leucoryx).  My research includes:

1-      Genetic Diversity of Arabian Oryx using mtDNA.
2-      Haematological parameters of Arabian Oryx.
3-      Blood parasites of Arabian Oryx in ALWusta Wildlife Reserve Oman.
4-      Population genetics of Arabian Oryx using ddRAD sequencing.

The overall objectives of this project are to investigate the genome-wide diversity, relatedness, population structure and health status of the captive Arabian oryx populations hold in the ALWusta Wildlife Reserve to develop a captive breeding management plan for this species.


  • Working as Senior Specialist in ALWusta Wildlife Reserve, Office for Conservation of Environment, Diwan of Royal Court, Oman.
  • MSc (Murdoch University, Australia), Veterinary Science.
  • BSc (King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia) Veterinary Medicine.


Project Supervisors:

  •         A/Professor Jaime Gongora.
  •         Dr Helen Senn