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Advanced Higher biology projects

Advanced higher biology projects

Are you studying Advanced Higher Biology?

Did you know that you can apply to complete your investigation at Edinburgh Zoo or Highland Wildlife Park?

Applications for 2023 have closed.


Students can come to conduct a behavioural research study on some of our endangered species at Edinburgh Zoo or Highland Wildlife Park (please note this does not involve any ‘hands on’ experience). When on site, students are encouraged to carry out observational research projects, and their projects can be completed with the support and advice of our Education Officers as well as the students own teacher. In the interest of animal welfare and other ethical considerations, project proposals involving experimental manipulations of the animals environment cannot be accepted.


To apply please complete the online application form before the stated application deadline. We ask that all students applications are accompanied by a recommendation from a teacher (or other responsible adult who knows the student well). Teachers looking to submit their recommendations should complete the following teacher recommendation form. This should happen ahead of the application deadline on Sunday 8 September 2024.

If successful in applying, students will have to complete an online induction that will teach them the basics of studying animal behaviour and how to go about starting their Advanced Higher Investigation at the zoo/park. The student’s biology teacher is also welcome and encouraged to see the induction where possible.

*Please note: student places are popular but limited so please do take time to complete your application form.


​Following the application deadline, all applicants wishing to complete their Advanced Higher project at either of our parks will hear back from us within 2 weeks. Successful applicants will be invited to complete an induction in late September before being able to start their projects on-site.


The cost is £25 which gives the student a research pass, enabling them to come into the Zoo/Park as many times as their project requires until May of the academic year in which you start.


Does It Have To Be Advanced Higher Biology?

Many Advanced Higher programmes require you to complete a practical investigation as part of the course assessment, and so this opportunity need not be limited to students studying the advanced higher biology course. We provide opportunities to complete academic investigations on site at Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park, and whilst the majority of applicants are from students of biology, projects relating to other subjects (e.g. geography, environmental sciences or art) will also be considered. You may even wish to complete a project for an altogether different accreditation process.

During the disruption following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, many advanced higher investigations were cancelled by the SQA. RZSS were able to continue to support students in completing academic projects on site, allowing the learners to present their work for CREST Awards through the British Science Association instead.

If you are over the age of 16, we will still consider applications to this end also during the coming academic year. If this is the case, simply complete the above application forms as normal.


If you have queries regarding this please contact RZSS Education,

or 0131 314 0330.