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Outdoor Gaelic Beginners

Join us for an interactive session exploring Gaelic colours and the outdoors! Pupils will use Gaelic words for colours, answer simple questions and visit some of our RZSS animals in a virtual tour. Your class will get to use our Lorg e cards during the session and these can then be taken in to an outdoor space to do some more exploring!

Age Suitability: P1 - P7 (and Secondary Gaelic beginners!)

Duration of lesson: 1 hour

Maximum Class Size: 33


Session Outline
Before your session, make sure to visit our online resources to download and print the Lorg e cards for your class.
The session begins with an introduction to the Gaelic words for the colours we will use and the simple question “Dè an datha a tha seo?/what colour is this?”. 
We will practice using the questions while visiting some of our zoo animals and then give the pupils a chance to explore wherever they are using the Lorg e cards.
Session Outcomes
  • To know Gaelic words for a range of colours.
  • To be able to answer the question “Dè an datha a tha seo?/what colour is this?”
  • To explore an outdoor space.
Curriculum Links
  • LGL 0-01a / LGL 0-05a / LGL 0-07a / LGL 0-08a ‘Through listening to and joining in with story-telling, games, rhymes and songs, I have explored and experimented with sound patterns, words and phrases in Gàidhlig.’ 

  • LGL 1-03a ‘I can use familiar words and phrases to give simple information. 

  • LGL 1-05a ‘When joining in with story-telling, games, rhymes, songs and poems in Gàidhlig, I can use familiar words and simple phrases.’  

  • LGL 2-05a ‘I can participate in familiar collaborative activities in Gàidhlig including games, paired speaking and short role plays.’ 

  • HWB 1-25a ‘Within and beyond my place of learning I am enjoying daily opportunities to participate in physical activities and sport, making use of available indoor and outdoor space.’ 

  • HWB 2-25a / HWB 3-25a ‘I am experiencing enjoyment and achievement on a daily basis by taking part in different kinds of energetic physical activities of my choosing, including sport and opportunities for outdoor learning, available at my place of learning and in the wider community.’