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Polar Explorers Virtual Tour

Combine social studies and science to become Polar Explorers! This virtual tour provides your class with the unique opportunity to see both our penguins and polar bears at the Highland Wildlife Park and Edinburgh Zoo.

Age Suitability: P1 - P7

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park

Duration of lesson: 1 hour 

Maximum Class Size: 33


Session Outline

Children will learn about the influence of the natural environment, including climate change, on penguins and polar bears. While looking at both sets of animals during our virtual tour there will be also be the opportunity to explore the features and adaptations of the animals.

Supporting resources to use in your classroom are available for free to enhance your virtual tour, including games, guides and virtual biofacts.

Session Outcomes

To recognise typical form, body features and adaptations and the influence of the natural environment.

To compare and describe how climate affects living things.

Curriculum Links
  • SOC 0-08a 'I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment.'
  • SCN 0-01a 'I have observed living things in the environment over time and am becoming aware of how they depend on each other.'
  • SOC 1-12b ‘By exploring climate zones around the world, I can compare and describe how climate affects living things.’
  • SOC 1-13b ‘By exploring a natural environment different from my own, I can discover how the physical features influence the variety of living things.’
  • SCN 2-01a ‘I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.’