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Age Suitability: S1 - S6

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park

Lesson Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Maximum Class Size: 33

Tiger Jambi at Edinburgh Zoo

Content (and curriculum links):

A look into the key concepts of biodiversity focusing on genetic, species and ecosystem diversity (Higher: 3.7). This session also looks at threats to biodiversity (Higher: 3.8) and examples of conservation efforts that are happening today. Further links are made to topics such as the distribution of organisms (SCN 3-01a), ecosystems (Nat 5: 3.1) and processes of monitoring wild populations (Adv. Higher: 2.1).

Lesson Outline:

An introduction to the topic of biodiversity. Pupils will see living examples to highlight the main areas of this topic and take part in an interactive quiz at the Education Centre discussing different aspects of this fascinating field through a combination of gamification and formative assessment.

The focus of this session can be tailored to suit the level of your students or to highlight specific areas of BGE, or Biology at: National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

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