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Evolution & Adaptations

Age Suitability: S1 - S6

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park

Lesson Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes



Content (and curriculum links):

Using real-life examples of animals both in and out of our parks, we cover topics such as Natural Selection (Nat 5: 3.4), Speciation (Higher: 1.7), the role of mutations (Higher: 1.6), Phylogenetics (Higher: 1.8) and physical, physiological and behavioural adaptations (Nat 4: 3.5).

Lesson Outline:

An introduction to the topic of evolution and adaptations. Pupils are first taken on a carefully chosen tour of the park's animals whereby the key learning outcomes of the lessons are discussed at relevant species. After, the group returns to our Education Centre to take part in various interactive activities designed to allow the pupils to apply their new found knowledge. Each activity targets a different aspect of this fascinating field.
The focus of this session can be tailored to suit the level of your students or to highlight specific areas of BGE, or Biology at: National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.