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Human Animal Conflict

Age Suitability: Secondary 1 - 6

Location: Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park

Lesson Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Maximum Class Size: 33

Scottish Wildcat


Content (and curriculum links): 

Through storytelling at our animal enclosures, this session will give your groups a greater appreciation of human-animal conflict by understanding the conflicting needs of our human population and the wildlife found in various ecosystems globally that we live alongside. From threats to biodiversity (Higher 3.8), to crop protection (Higher: 3.3), and the wider impact of human population growth (Nat 4: 3.2), we aim to demonstrate the difficulties facing conservation organisations globally and how sustainable conservation solutions can allow humans and animals to coexist. Based on evidence provided in the session, the session ends with a pupil-led debate on a controversial conservation topic (SCN 4-13c, SCN 4-20b).

Lesson Outline:  

This session is designed around the concept of outdoor learning, and as such, takes place completely outdoors within our parks. This extended guided tour includes several interactive elements to promote class discussion and culminates in a class debate on a controversial biological topic relating to the conservation of Scottish Wildcats.

The focus of this session can be tailored to suit the level of your students or to highlight specific areas of BGE, or Biology at: National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

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