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The polar bear cub is named Hamish

26/04/2018 in Highland Wildlife Park


Everybody ... meet Hamish 😊

Thank you to everyone who helped choose his name, the response was incredible with over 36,000 votes, more than 21,800 of which were for Hamish!

Douglas Richardson, the park’s head of living collections, said, “We are delighted to have been able to engage with so many people.

“While we knew the public vote would be very popular, to have had more than 33,000 votes and over 21,000 for Hamish alone has been incredible.

“Of the choices put forward by our keepers, it was clear from the first day of voting that Hamish was going to be the runaway winner and we are delighted that Victoria’s cub now has a name.

“Conservation is at the heart of what we do and Hamish’s story is hopefully helping to raise awareness of the threats polar bears are facing in the wild as a result of climate change and more direct human activities.”

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