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International Tiger Day

22/07/2021 in Highland Wildlife Park

We are gearing up for a rawrsome day here at Highland Wildlife Park next week. Thursday 29 July is International Tiger Day and we are excited to be celebrating this beautiful species alongside our visitors.  

Tigers are one of our planet’s most iconic animals, but they are in danger. Wild tiger numbers have dropped by more than 95% since the beginning of the 20th century.  

Here at the park, we are home to five Amur tigers, dad Botzman, mum Dominika and their three two-month-old cubs. 

There are just 500 Amur tigers remaining in the wild, so our adorable cubs represent an important contribution to the future of this endangered species which is at risk of extinction due to extensive habitat loss and poaching. 

As well as being part of the endangered species breeding programme for Amur tigers, with Dominika giving birth to a previous litter in 2013, our charity has supported tiger conservation in Nepal by developing methods to evaluate tiger diets within the RZSS WildGenes laboratory based at our sister site, Edinburgh Zoo. 

We know everyone is eager to hear more about our three adorable cubs. The triplets are continuing to do well, growing bigger and stronger every day. Their eyes have now fully opened and the trio will be sexed soon, during their first health check and named shortly after. Amur tigers grow quite quickly, increasing almost four times in size within the first month of their life, but they will remain dependent on mum Dominika for at least 15 months. We hope everyone will start to see them out and about within the next few weeks. 

It’s not just our new arrivals who are showing their stripes. We want to see our guests wear them with pride! Join us this International Tiger Day by donning your best tiger inspired prints and patterns on your visit to the park. 

As well as this, we will have lots of tiger toys and gifts available to purchase in our gift shop, with every purchase helping our charity feed and care for our Amur tiger family and other amazing animals, as well as supporting conservation work around the world. 

Why not bring along your favourite cuddly toy on your day out too? Our expert vet team will be on hand outside our gift shop, to give your toy animals a full health check-up. While the patient is with our vets, visitors can find out all about how we are helping save one of Scotland’s rarest mammals, also known as the Highland tiger. The Saving Wildcats team will be on hand to share more about the work they are doing to restore the critically endangered Scottish wildcat. 

Find out more about visiting and book your tickets for International Tiger Day on 29 July online at 

I hope to see you there! 

Vickie Larkin 

Carnivore team leader 

Highland Wildlife Park 

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