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International day of Education - Get to know the team!

24/01/2024 in RZSS

At the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), our mission is to save wildlife and empower people in Scotland and around the world to protect, value and love nature. We have pledged to create stronger connections with nature for more than a million people and enable more than 100 communities to better protect nature by 2030.

Our Discovery and Learning team work across Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park and out in schools and communities across Scotland. With their support, visitors, school children, community groups and so many others have more opportunities to be closer to nature, discover more about the wild world around them and be inspired to play a part in building a better future for wildlife.

Today, on the International Day of Education, get to know some of the team...

Every visit to Edinburgh Zoo or Highland Wildlife Park is an opportunity to build a stronger bond with nature. When you visit, you may hear talks from our discovery rangers or ask them questions about some of your favourite animals. Discovery rangers support a wide variety of activities with visitors, schools and communities helping to engage lots of different people with the nature on their doorstep and amazing animals found across the globe.

Stronger communities have a greater capacity to care for wildlife. Through our zoos and outreach we can help people have more opportunities to be closer to nature and experience the benefits that come with it. 

Signs around our sites, resources and our digital learning platform can be valuable tools for ensuring as many people as possible have an opportunity to feel engaged and excited about wildlife, inspiring them to protect nature on their doorstep and around the world. 


Later this year, Scotland’s Wildlife Discovery Centre will open at Highland Wildlife Park helping our charity to continue to deliver excellent customer service to our visitors and inspire them to appreciate and enjoy Scotland’s wildlife, as well as understand how they can help to protect it.

A network of three hubs around the park will bring to life the challenges facing wildlife in Scotland and around the world. Crucially, we will also focus on the opportunities to protect nature and the actions we can take in our everyday lives.

To create stronger connections with nature for more than a million people, RZSS is working to increase accessibility, inclusion and diversity among the people we reach by identifying and reducing barriers to visiting our zoos, engaging online and providing access to outreach activities.

Our charity delivers a wide array of formal and informal learning opportunities, working to increase knowledge and understanding of the natural world to enable people of all ages to support and protect nature.

If you want to learn more about our discovery and learning programmes, check out the links below:

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