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RZSS Education

Risk Assessments

On arrival at the Zoo/Park main entrance

  • It is the responsibility of the class teacher to guide the pupils safely from the main entrance to the Education Centre at Edinburgh Zoo.
  • It is the responsibility of the class teacher to guide the pupils safely from the bus to the agreed Education meeting point at the Highland Wildlife Park.

On arrival at the Education Centre

  • At Edinburgh Zoo the teacher should report to the Education reception just before the lesson is due to begin, the pupils should be gathered at the bottom of the Education Centre ramp.
  • The Education Officer (EO) assigned to the class will ensure that all pupils enter the building in an orderly fashion.
  • The EO will guide pupils to the assigned classroom.
  • The EO and class teacher will supervise the hanging of bags and coats.
  • The seating of pupils will be organised by the EO.
  • The EO will establish himself/herself as the person in charge, emphasising the need for quiet, orderly procedures with consideration for other classes in the building.
  • The EO will draw attention to the nearest exit from the classroom, to be used in case of emergency.

In the classroom

  • The EO will conduct the classroom session with the same degree of order and discipline as would be expected in a school classroom.
  • If pupils have to move out of their seats to study biofacts or participate in an activity, they will move in small groups in an orderly fashion.
  • On completion of the classroom session, pupils will don coats, etc, ready to move out through the building in pairs, led by the EO.

In the Zoo/Park

  • The EO will ensure, with assistance of the class teacher, that pupils keep together in pair formation as they move from one animal exhibit to another.
  • Running, which could lead to accidents, is forbidden.
  • The EO will lead the way, alert to any traffic and ensuring the safety of pupils.
  • At animal exhibits the EO will ensure the no one climbs on barriers, approaches the animals too closely, etc.
  • The EO will control the entire RZSS lesson, both within the Education Centre and out in the Zoo/Park, and he/she will not hesitate to impose necessary discipline. It is the responsibility of the class teacher, however, to ensure no pupil strays from the group while out in the Zoo/Park.
  • At the end of the session, the EO will take leave of the class and class teacher, who will then be responsible for conducting pupils safely during the remainder of their visit.

Downloadable Information

  • To help with planning your visit you can download this document which has more in-depth information Zoo Visit Risks and Control Measures
  • For any further information about the Risk Assessment information provided please contact Judith Lamb, Health & Safety Manager on