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Meet Ruby and Zed

Ruby and Zed RZSS Education mascots illustration

One of our main aims here at RZSS is to offer our visitors fun and memorable experiences. Inspired by the animals that they see and the stories that they hear we want visitors to go on a journey, we want them to understand that we can all make a difference to wildlife conservation around the world. And that is where Ruby and Zed come in!

Ruby is an explorer (when her Mum let’s her). She is keen to learn, adores animals and nature, and works hard with her … erm … unusual friend to share what she learns with others.

Above: RZSS Head of Education, Suzanne Scott, introduces Ruby and Zed

Her ‘unusual’ friend, Zed has travelled across the Zooniverse to visit earth and crash landed at Edinburgh Zoo. Zed is fascinated by the strange and wonderful creatures here. It's just as well he met Ruby, who can't wait to tell him all about our planet as they zap from place to place using Zed’s strange and rather unpredictable teleportation powers. Where will he take us next?!

You can find Ruby around Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park telling stories to visitors about what she … and her friend … have discovered.

Ruby and Zed RZSS Education mascots

Above: Ruby and Zed meet RZSS Summer School pupils

On your next visit, take up their #MissionEarth Challenge and find out if you are a Kool Keeper, Planet Protector or a Rescue Ranger:

>Download the Mission Earth Challenge