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RZSS Education

Themed Tour

Age suitability: All

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park

Length of lesson: 50 minutes

Maximum Class Size: Walk about - 33, bus tour at HWP - seating capacity  


Content (and curriculum links):

Can’t see a session that fits your topic of study? Then challenge our Education Officers to create a tour of our site around a theme of your choice!

An Education Officer will guide your group to animals that fit with your theme and share their knowledge of the captive animals and also the in-situ conservation work. The group will have the opportunity to ask any questions that they might have.


Session Outline:

Join one of our Education Officers on a tour of some of RZSS's favourite residents. This session can be run as a general introduction to RZSS, its animals and the work that is carried out or the tour can be themed to suit a topic of your choice. At the Highland Wildlife Park you can choose the option of our Education Officer coming on board your bus to guide you through the drive-through enclosures.


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