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RZSS Education

Night Zookeeper

Age Suitability: P1 - P7

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo & Highland Wildlife Park

Duration of lesson: 1 hour 20 minutes

Maximum Class Size: 33


Lesson Outline:

Join us on a tour of some of the animal that live in the Day Zoo and then journey into the imagination with a trip to the Night Zoo. Children will learn about the Night Zoo and some of it's residents and then they will create their very own character. This can then be continued in the classroom with children writing their own character into a Night Zoo chapter.


Learning Outcomes:

  • To encourage creative writing among children.
  • To describe through words and pictures a new animal which could be added to the Night Zoo.

Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes:

  • LIT 0-09b/LIT 0-31a ‘I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts and use what I learn to invent my own, sharing these with others in imaginative ways.’
  • ENG 1-31a ‘Having explored the elements which writers use in different genres, I can use what I learn to create my own stories, poems and plays with interesting structures, characters and/or settings.’
  • LIT 2-10a/LIT 3-10a ‘I am developing confidence when engaging with others within and beyond my place of learning. I can communicate in a clear, expressive way and I am learning to select and organise resources independently.’