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RZSS Education

Wee Beasties

Age Suitability: P4 - P7

Availability: This session is only available from March - September at both Edinburgh Zoo & Highland Wildlife Park

Duration of lesson: 1 hour 20 minutes

Maximum Class Size: 33


In this interactive session find out about Scottish biodiversity, the threats to it and what we can all do on our doorsteps to help to protect it. The session will also include some mini-beast hunting and identification. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • To know that native animals have different habitat and food requirements
  • To understand the importance of wildlife gardening
  • To recognise different groups of invertebrates
  • To know how to use a variety of invertebrate survey equipment
Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes
  • SCN1-01a ‘I can distinguish between living and non living things. I can sort living things into groups and explain my decisions.’
  • SCN 2-01a ‘I can identify and classify examples of living things, past and present, to help me appreciate their diversity. I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.’
  • SOC 1-08a 'I can consider ways of looking after my school or community and can encourage others to care for their environment.'
  • SOC 2-08a 'I can discuss the environmental impact of human activity and suggest ways in which we can live in a more environmentally responsible way.'