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RZSS Education

Zoo Music

Age Suitability: P1 - P7

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo & Highland Wildlife Park

Duration of lesson: 1 hour 20 minutes

Maximum Class Size: 33

Lesson Outline:

Using the zoo animals as inspiration the group will create their own musical instruments from various recyclable and reusable material. Using these instruments they will compose and perform a Zoo song including the sounds of the animals that they have been introduced to on a tour of some of our noisier residents.


Learning Outcomes:

  • To encourage making music from animal inspirations.
  • To create and perform an animal inspired musical piece.

Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes:

  • EXA 0-01a/EXA 1-01a/EXA 2-01a ‘I have experienced the energy and excitement of presenting/performing for audiences and being part of an audience for other people’s presentations/performances.’
  • EXA 0-18a/EXA 1-18a/EXA 2-18a ‘Inspired by a range of stimuli, and working on my own and/or with others, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through musical activities.’