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RZSS Education

Genetics & Inheritance

Age Suitability: S3 - S6

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park

Lesson Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Maximum Class Size: 33



Content (and curriculum links):

By using a combination of examples from our site’s animal collection in addition to our global conservation genetics research carried out by RZSS WildGenes, we aim to look at how aspects of this topic are impacting on the day to day operations of our zoo. Curriculum topics include DNA, Genes and Chromosomes (Nat 4:1.2), Inheritance (SCN 4-14b), Variation (Nat 5:2.4), Mutations (Higher: 1.6) and Inbreeding Depression (Higher: 3.2)

Lesson Outline:

This sessions aims to provide students with knowledge of common genetic terms and how to use them and also provide examples of how real mutations of DNA can lead to variation and evolution through natural selection. We will discuss how genetic science is vital to conservation efforts both in captivity and the wild and the students will apply their knowledge of genetics to solve simple genetic/conservation problems.

The focus of this session can be tailored to suit the level of your students or to highlight specific areas of BGE, or Biology at: National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. As the session focuses on application of genetic concepts however, we advise groups plan this session towards the end of their Genetics topic.

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