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RZSS Education

Themed Tour

Age suitability: All

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park

Length of lesson: 50 minutes

Maximum Class Size: Walk about - 33, bus tour at HWP - seating capacity  


Content (and curriculum links):

Can’t see a lesson that fits your topic of study? Then challenge our Education Officers to create a tour of our site around a theme of your choice! Be it reproduction, metabolism, ecosystems, or something completely different, we are happy to tailor our teaching to your needs!

Within reason, we are confident that through our storytelling at enclosures, we can help any part of your curriculum come to life!

And if you don’t have a specific theme in mind? That’s okay too! By not requesting a theme you can simply let our Education Officers guide you around our park, highlighting all of our best bits, including our most amazing enclosures, our newest arrivals, the hidden gems, and the vital conservation work we do behind the scenes!

Lesson Outline:

Join one of our Education Officers on a tour of some of RZSS's favourite residents. This session can be run as a general introduction to RZSS, its animals and the work that is carried out or the tour can be themed to suit a topic of your choice. At the Highland Wildlife Park you can choose the option of our Education Officer coming on board your bus to guide you through the drive-through enclosures.


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