Learn at Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park

Education has been at the heart of RZSS for over four decades and sits within the Discovery and Learning team. We have engaged with over one million learners across both Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park.

From nursery to tertiary and beyond encompassing both formal and informal learning, the team create and deliver unique experiences for learners and daily visitors, encouraging excitement and exploration though interactive learning programmes and interpretation.

Tertiary education students by Budongo Trail IMAGE: Blair Cockburn, 2024
Joeys and roos session. A young child is engaging with a member of the discovery and learning team using a hand puppet IMAGE: unknown


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Summer school session. A member of the discovery and learning team is handling a giant African land snail with two children IMAGE: Jasmine Geddes 2021

Primary education

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Summer school children viewing in Magic Forest with RZSS logo on tshirt backs IMAGE: Robin Mair 2022

Secondary education

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Visitors – adult male and two female children – looking at an exhibit within the Budongo trail IMAGE: Robin Mair 2022

Higher education

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A group of higher education students by the gibbon enclosure IMAGE: Blair Cockburn, 2024

ASN groups

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Joeys, Roos and Big Roos

Nurture your child's lifelong love of animals and nature with us! Our Joeys, Roos and Big Roos programmes are specially designed for children aged three months to five years and their parents and carers.

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Kangaroo joey poking out mother's pouch

IMAGE: Sian Addison 2018

Education outreach

If you can’t come to the zoo or the park then let us come to you! 

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