Our Projects

Dr Helen Senn

WildGenes Programme Manager

Research interests

Helen is interested in applying population genetic methods to conservation issues.She has particular interest in the genetic management of reintroductions, the effect of drift on captive populations and the detection and management of hybridization. Currently her work mainly focuses on arid-land ungulate species (e.g. Arabian oryx, scimitar-horned oryx, addax and dama gazelle). Helen also works on developing bioinformatics methods for marker discovery in RAD sequencing data. In particular to develop genetic tools for the reintroduction and monitoring of Eurasian beaver to Scotland and for scimitar-horned oryx to Chad. Her PhD research focused on the hybridisation of red and sika deer in Scotland.


• PhD (University of Edinburgh, UK) Molecular Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
• BSc hons (University of St Andrews) Environmental and Evolutionary Biology

Other positions

  • IUCN Antelope Specialist Group 2014 - ongoing
  • Sahara Conservation Fund Conservation & Science Committee 2014 - ongoing
  • EAZA Reintroduction and Translocation Group 2013 - ongoing


For all of Helen's publications please visit her Google Scholar page here.