Paw-some new playpark

07/07/2017 in Highland Wildlife Park


RZSS Highland Wildlife Park has opened a new polar bear themed playpark, just in time for the summer holidays. The refurbished park boasts a range of new play equipment for younger children.

Daska Mackintosh, Head of Operations and Visitors Services at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, said:

“The new polar bear playpark is designed for both physical and imaginative play. With a slide, a buddy board, interactive play elements and much more, the park is not only fun but educational.

“Our polar bears are one of our main attractions, we hope this new play space will get children involved with their conservation and help educate them on the threats these animals face in the wild in a fun environment.  Providing stimulating outdoor areas such as this is one of the ways we are enhancing our Park and we hope that children really enjoy the space.”

Designed and installed by Wicksteed, the park features icebergs, seals and a polar bear in pride of place, all within the view of the polar bear kiosk, allowing parents to keep a watchful eye.

RZSS Highland Wildlife Park is home to Victoria the only female polar bear in the UK and Walker and Arktos who are the only male polar bears in Scotland. The males share a custom-built enclosure that is one of the world’s largest and best polar bear enclosures with extensive and varied natural landscape providing significant enrichment for the bears. Victoria has her own very large enclosure, which features a pond and soft areas of ground, as well as plenty of space for her to explore. In total, RZSS Highland Wildlife Park devotes more space to polar bears (over four hectares, or 10 acres, in total) than any other zoological institution in the world.



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