Mysterious face changer enchants at Edinburgh Zoo

12/12/2017 in Edinburgh Zoo

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s awe-inspiring winter event, The Giant Lanterns of China, welcomes one of China’s most dramatic performers, the Face Changer.

Guofan Jin has brought the unique art form, native to Sichuan Province in China, to Edinburgh Zoo and will perform the mesmerising act to visitors of the 50-night event. The Face Changer uses illusion and dramatic costume to tell a mystical story in an enchanting performance.

In addition to the Face Changer, the event also features spectacular performances by an incredible Chinese acrobatics team nightly at 6pm, 7pm and 8.15pm. Each show is around 20 minutes long and is performed on the main stage beside the Temple of Heaven.

The Giant Lanterns of China is an installation of over 450 dazzling colossal lanterns that illuminate the Zoo. The Face Changer is one of many special surprises to entertain visitors including performances, food and craft stalls from local suppliers.

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