Flapper skate

Scotland’s coastal waters provide incredible habitat for some extraordinary species. Understanding the health of these species and how this may affect their conservation is challenging, especially for animals that spend most of their time on the ocean floor at depths of 100m–200m. It takes a special set of vet skills, which is exactly what we have at RZSS.

The flapper skate (Dipturus intermedius) is the largest species of skate in Europe. Females can grow up to two meters wide, 2.5 meters long and weigh just over 100kg. They are Critically Endangered globally and have their stronghold population in Scotland’s waters. Skate belong to the shark family, and their flattened bodies are evolved for scouring the seabed for food.

Flapper skate and their eggs are vulnerable to fishing gear like trawls or dredges. Their slow growth and reproduction mean populations recover slowly. Although there is a Marine Protected Area in Loch Sunart and the Sound of Jura specifically to protect skate, they remain at risk globally. One of the biggest issues for conserving them is our lack of knowledge about the species.  

Our vet team at RZSS has been playing a role in flapper skate monitoring for several years. Currently, they are focussing on a health screening programme for this species to help us understand any health challenges that might be facing the population now, and in the future.  

Working in tandem with NatureScot and fishing charters in MPA, our team are collecting skin swabs, looking for parasites and even performing ultrasounds to check body condition and reproductive status. All of this valuable data will help us understand how healthy our remaining skate are, and what we can do to ensure their future in Scotland’s seas and beyond. 

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The team

Dr Georgina Cole

Veterinary surgeon

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Dr Helen Taylor

Conservation programme manager

Prof Simon Girling

Head of veterinary services

Helen Senn 2024

Dr Helen Senn

Head of conservation and science programmes

Project updates

Date: April 2024

Our lead vet on the flapper skate project, Dr Georgina Cole, has had some fantastic success with grants and funding recently, winning funds from the Fisheries Society of the British Isles, the British Wildlife Health Association, and NatureScot in the past few months. This funding will be incredibly helpful as Georgina heads out to sea for a new round of flapper skate sampling. Watch this space to see what she discovers about this enormous yet mysterious skate and its health in Scotland’s coastal waters. 

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