Saving wild species

By 2030 RZSS will reverse the decline of at least 50 species – from pine hoverflies and wildcats in the Cairngorms National Park to giraffes in Uganda, giant anteaters in Brazil and many more.

Giant anteater mother with pup on its back in the Brazilian Cerrado Image: ALESSANDRA BERTASSONI ICAS

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Giant armadillo

Pantanal, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest

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Medicinal leech

Highland Wildlife Park, Scotland

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Nahan’s partridge

Budongo Forest, Uganda

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Northern rockhopper penguin

Tristan da Cunha Islands

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Nubian giraffe

Uganda, Africa

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Pallas’s cat

Central Asia and beyond

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Pine hoverfly

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland 

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Rote Island snake-necked turtle

Rote Island, Indonesia

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