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Dr Alex Ball

WildGenes Programme Manager

Research interests

Alex has a background in molecular ecology and bird conservation. His previous work has focused on fertility and reproduction in birds and the use of genetic tools to tackle questions concerning relatedness, phylogenetics and genome architecture. This has included deciphering the evolutionary relationships of bird species using genetic sequencing along with designing and testing genetic markers that can be used in a diverse array of species in both wild and captive populations. He is now applying his genetic training to tackle questions of key conservation concern. Currently, he is focusing on a grey partridge population structure study due to the concerning population declines this species has faced. We are particularly interested in the genetic relationships between wild and captive bred birds to help guide future reintroductions. Another vital component of RZSS is its work focused on the illegal wildlife trade. Working closely with Flora and Fauna International, Alex is developing genetic tools that predict the providence of illegally traded wildlife products.


PhD (University of Bath, UK) Molecular Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
MBiolSci (University of Sheffield, UK) Zoology/Molecular Ecology

Previous positions

Postdoctoral Research Associate – University of Sheffield on avian reproduction
Senior Research Assistant - RSPB on Turtle dove conservation projects
Research technician – University of Sheffield on passerine genomics


For all of Alex's publications please visit his Google Scholar page