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Kasia Ruta

Conservation Administrator


Kasia works as our Conservation Administrator, a role that blends her diverse conservation interests and professional experience very well. As our Administrator, Kasia ensures smooth running of the department and is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks related to organisation, finance, reporting, and serving as a first point of contact for the department. Kasia's role also involves supporting the conservation activities of the department directly- she is currently assisting with the beaver reintroduction project in Knapdale, the pond mud snail project at Edinburgh Zoo, as well as the second phase of the Pallas's cat project.


Kasia has a solid conservation background, and most of her experience was gained via working with RZSS. From volunteering at Edinburgh Zoo, to assisting with fieldwork as part of the Scottish Beaver project in Knapdale Forest, delivering written reports to support PICA's research work on the Pallas's cat across Asia, and contributing to the EU Life funding application for Saving Wildcats, Kasia has assisted with a wide variety of RZSS projects. She obtained a Master's degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare from Edinburgh University in 2018 and developed her thesis in collaboration with PICA and RZSS. The project focused on the use of local ecological knowledge to investigate threats to small-bodied wild felids (the Pallas's cat and the Scottish wildcat) and the implications of those threats on the species' conservation behaviour. Some of the findings of the study were used in IUCN's 1st Pallas's cat Status Review and Conservation Strategy. Kasia had also previously volunteered with various large African mammals in a captive setting and has several years' experience of working in administration.


MSc (University of Edinburgh) Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare

MA (University of Glasgow) Psychology