Our projects

Laura Daniels

Assistant Conservation Project Officer

Laura is an assistant conservation project officer based at Edinburgh Zoo. She carries out a range of project support activities for the conservation department, with her main focus being coordinating our projects based in Africa alongside the head of conservation and science programmes. She also ensures the smooth running of the department by performing a variety of administrative duties.


Laura has a background in zoology, with an interest in conservation and in understanding the impacts of climate change upon wildlife. During her undergraduate degree in Zoology, she gained field experience with a range of species, most memorably with Tasmanian devils during her study year abroad at the University of Tasmania. After graduating, Laura pursued her research interests in South Africa, conducting field research on vervet monkey populations with the University of Lethbridge as part of a long-term study investigating climate change impacts on monkey survival and behaviour. Following this, Laura studied for a master’s degree in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation at UCL, where she completed two research projects on African species. For her first project, she quantified African wild dog colouration and explored correlations between their coat colour and climate. For her second project she investigated the genome sizes of Seychelles amphibians.


MRes (UCL) Biodiversity, Evolution & Conservation

BSc (University of Sussex) Zoology