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Liz Heap

Senior Lab Technician

Research interests

Liz has worked on developing and implementing various genetic approaches to answer ecological, evolutionary and behavioural questions.  With a background in cutting edge DNA sequencing and conservation genetics she is interested in bringing the two together to discover and adapt new molecular techniques to support the conversation projects at RZSS.



MSc (University of Wales, Bangor) Ecology

BSc (University of St Andrews) Environmental and Behavioural Biology

Other positions

Research and development sequencing technician at Edinburgh Genomics, University of Edinburgh. Using a variety of methods to produce next generation sequencing data for researchers. Working on a wide range of library preparation methods and sequencing platforms.

Research assistant at the University of Edinburgh.  Working on many projects including the evolutionary ecology of sticklebacks, hybridisation of red and sika deer, soay sheep projects, and looking at morphological traits in response to pedigree and life history traits in blue tits. Involving field work, aquarium work and genetic work.

Previous work at RZSS monitoring active breeding territories of Golden Eagles within the UK; using moulted feathers to produce individual genetic tags and looking at turnover at nesting sites.

Research technician at wildlife DNA services working on conservation genetics including population genetics, species identification for illegal trade and wildlife forensics.



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