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Dr Jean-Marc Costanzi

Research Assistant

Research Interests

Jean-Marc has a background in population and landscape genetics. His previous work has focused on the influence of agricultural landscapes on the population structure of the marbled newt but also the study of genetic diversity patterns and geneflow of the rock ptarmigan across the Fennoscandian mountain range. Jean-Marc will now apply his experience to two key projects in the WildGenes team. He is helping to understand the genetic structure and direction of geneflow of the Northern rockhopper penguin. This project aims to provide a better understanding of the population dynamics of this endangered species in order to improve its conservation strategy. The second project will involve studying the genetic diversity of the Knapdale beaver population, the first reintroduction of beavers into the UK after more than a 400 year absence.


PhD (University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway) Ecology / Landscape genetics.
MSc (University of Angers, France) Ecology of wetlands.


For all of Jean-Marc's publications please visit his Google Scholar page