Our projects

Genevieve Tompkins

Conservation Project Officer


Genevieve works with us one day a week as a conservation project officer supporting the pine hoverfly conservation breeding programme and our other invertebrate work at Highland Wildlife Park. For the rest of the week, Genevieve works as the project officer for the Rare Invertebrates in the Cairngorms (RIC) project, which includes RZSS as a partner. RIC aims to learn more about and protect several rare insect species, including pine hoverflies, and involve volunteers, local communities and land managers in invertebrate conservation. Genevieve has extensive experience in invertebrate conservation and helps bridge the gap between the invertebrate conservation breeding work happening at Highland Wildlife Park, and the restoration taking place in the wild in the Cairngorms. She also assists with invertebrate species identification and survey work as part of the biodiversity action plan at Highland Wildlife Park. 


Project officer on the Cold-blooded and Spineless project (North Pennines AONB)

Conservation officer for the British Dragonfly Society

Monitoring officer on the Marches Mosses BogLIFE project (Natural England)

Warden on The Skerries seabird island (RSPB)


Genevieve is an experienced science communicator and a skilled photographer. She loves to encourage more people to take an interest in, and protect, often overlooked invertebrates and their habitats. She does this through social media, giving talks, and writing blog posts and articles. 


BSc (University of Southampton) Zoology