Our projects

Jenny Kaden

Senior Lab Technician

Research interests

Jenny's research interests lie  in conservation genetics and the use of genetic tools to investigate options for managing and augmenting both wild and captive populations, and in determining the origin of unknown samples.


  • MSc (University of Leeds, UK) Biodiversity and Conservation
  • BSc (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) Zoology

Other positions

  • Research Technician at the University of Sheffield collecting field data on a population of co-operative birds (Philetairus socius) in Kimberley, South Africa and producing genetic data on their relatedness and kinship.
  • Research assistant at the University of Stirling looking at population structure of bumblebees on the Hebridean Isles, and also assisting in the collection of field data in South Island, New Zealand.


Peer-Reviewed Papers

Helen Senn, Lisa Banfield, Tim Wacher, John Newby, Thomas Rabeil, Jennifer Kaden, Andrew C Kitchener, Teresa Abaigar, Teresa Luísa Silva, Mike Maunder, Rob Ogden,  2014, Splitting or Lumping? A Conservation Dilemma Exemplified by the Critically Endangered Dama Gazelle (Nanger dama), PLoS ONE 06/2014; 9(6):e98693
René E. van Dijk, Jennifer C. Kaden, Araceli Argüelles‐Ticó, Deborah A. Dawson, Terry Burke, Ben J. Hatchwell,  2014, Cooperative investment in public goods is kin directed in communal nests of social birds, Ecology Letters 06/2014
René E. van Dijk, Jennifer C. Kaden, Araceli Argüelles-Ticó, L. Marcela Beltran, Matthieu Paquet, Rita Covas, Claire Doutrelant, Ben J Hatchwell,  2013, The thermoregulatory benefits of the communal nest of sociable weavers Philetairus socius are spatially structured within nests, Journal of Avian Biology 03/2013; 44:102-110
D Goulson, J C Kaden, O Lepais, G C Lye, B Darvill,  2011, Population structure, dispersal and colonization history of the garden bumblebee Bombus hortorum in the Western Isles of Scotland, Conservation Genetics 08/2011; 12:867-879
G. C. Lye, J. C. Kaden, K. J. Park, D. Goulson,  2010, Forage use and niche partitioning by non-native bumblebees in New Zealand: implications for the conservation of their populations of origin, Journal of Insect Conservation 01/2010; 14(6):607-615