RZSS WildGenes Biobank

Please contact us on for information about how to apply for samples, to discuss/arrange sample transfers, data management questions/requirements, or any other queries.


The RZSS WildGenes Biobank holds precious biological samples, to help preserve genetic material for conservation research and population management. It is the UK hub for the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) Biobank and part of the UK BBSRC funded CryoArks Biobank Inititative.

Biobanks are curated collections of biological samples (such as tissue, blood, serum, DNA, gametes and cell lines). The RZSS WildGenes Biobank currently has capacity for storing over 50,000 samples at -80°C. These samples hold a wealth of genetic information and are carefully managed to ensure that genetic data are available to the wider research and conservation community. 

As a EAZA Biobank 'hub', we receive and store samples collected from zoos and aquaria in the UK and the Middle East. Within the zoo community the EAZA Biobank aims to ensure samples from zoo and aquaria animals are collected and stored for molecular analysis. For more information please visit the EAZA Biobank website

Within CryoArks, we collaborate with the National Museums Scotland to enhance Scotland's zoological biobank infrastructure. For more information about how CryoArks partners are working together across the UK, please visit the project website.

If you would like to discuss how to donate samples to the Biobank, please contact the RZSS WildGenes Biobank