RZSS WildGenes

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Our mission is to translate genetic data into conservation management.

At RZSS WildGenes we conduct cutting-edge conservation genetic and genomic research on a large range of threatened taxa. Our laboratory facilities are based at Edinburgh Zoo and our projects centre on in-situ monitoring, ex-situ management, reintroduction management and control of the illegal wildlife trade. We work alongside government agencies, conservation charities and zoos across the world to deliver data, advice, training and capacity building. We are pioneering the use of genomic techniques such as ddRAD to generate high resolution data for conservation and we specialise in the analysis of non-invasive, and difficult to work with sample types.

We work on any species or in any geographical locality where we feel there is a conservation need for genetic data, but generally our projects sit within four major themes:

Genetic support for the fight against illegal wildlife trade

Native species conservation genetics

Arid-land conservation genetics

Genetic support for conservation breeding and reintroduction


Interested in working with us? Contact Dr Alex Ball, WildGenes Programme Manager