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Discovery and Learning Packages


Red Panda

Discover our new learning packages and mix and match virtual sessions that, combined with a self-led visit, create the perfect blend of learning for your class.

Once you’ve chosen your combination, if you have a self-led visit and a virtual tour, you’ll get £1 off per pupil!

You can also book your self-led visit anytime during the year.

After booking, you’ll receive a link to tailor-made, interactive resources that you can use with your class before and after your sessions and visit.

This blended learning approach is designed to enable you to book a series of sessions and workshops, a visit, and access resources for each topic in the classroom, layering the learning up throughout the year.

Cover the curriculum remotely, virtually with us, and on-site via a range of technology and have your own assigned education officer to maximise your class’s learning and engagement. Your assigned team member will be able to follow your learning journey throughout your mix and match activities, provide feedback on class work and ensure all your class’s needs are fully met.

How do I explore what's on offer and book?


Step 1 - Choose your tour

Let us know the best platform to reach you on for your virtual experiences! We can use Zoom, Google Meet or Skype for Business, but if you're using something else, send us an invite when your session has been confirmed.

Virtual Tours:

  • Age range - nursery, primary, secondary
  • Location - Online
  • Length - 20 - 50 minutes
  • Price - £40 per class (up to 33 children) or HALF PRICE if booked with an on-site visit

Choose from:

Story time from the Zoo (nursery)

Endangered Animals (primary)

Polar Explorers (primary)

Cycle of Life (P4 - P7 only)

Animal Behaviour (secondary)

Evolution & Adaptations (secondary)

Biodiversity (secondary)

Self-Led Visits (which can be taken up until July 2021):

  • Age range - nursery, primary, secondary
  • Location - Edinburgh Zoo or Highland Wildlife Park
  • Length - Zoo opening times
  • Price - £7 per child, or £6 per child when booked with a virtual tour!


Step 2 - Add some workshops

New workshops for 2020/21!

  • Age range - nursery, primary, secondary
  • Location - Online
  • Length - 20-30 minutes
  • Price - £10 per class (up to 33 children)

Choose from:

Native Species workshop

Behind the scenes

Animals Quiz

Zoo Q&A workshop

Gentoo Penguins

Step 3 - Book now!

Booking terms and conditions