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Pine hoverfly restoration

Pine hoverfly restoration

Captive breeding is a necessary component for the recovery of this species in Scotland. A captive collection was previously maintain by the University of Stirling, but has since disbanded. RZSS has now been asked to fulfil this role.

The pine hoverfly was previously selected by Scottish Natural Heritage as a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species, a category reserved for some of Scotland’s most threatened plants and animals. As a result of this designation, animal release and ongoing monitoring work occurred at five sites within Speyside; however, it has become apparent that hoverflies are now only found in three of these sites and breeding has not been successful.

Pressing action is now required to secure the future of this species in Scotland. Wild stock has been imported from Sweden and is providing RZSS with an opportunity to develop the husbandry of the species. Should they be required, this population and their offspring will be available for future reinforcement of Scottish populations in the wild. Additionally, if it is possible to bring Scottish pine hoverfly into captivity, we will have developed our husbandry skills to a point where this option will be open to us.

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