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In addition to being home to some of the world’s most endangered species, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and RZSS Highland Wildlife Park are also important sites for local biodiversity, encompassing over 280 acres of valuable green space across both sites.

At RZSS we recognise the importance of encouraging native habitats and species to flourish, which is why we have placed biodiversity at the heart of site planning, management and sustainability practice on-site.

We also recognise that native species biodiversity is a key part of visitor experience – breeding waders and red squirrels at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, for example – providing an ideal opportunity to communicate wider conservation messages to our visitors.

We are exploring ways for RZSS Edinburgh Zoo to become part of the Edinburgh Local Biodiversity Action Plan and the Edinburgh Living Landscape partnership project. Meanwhile, at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, we are forming links with the RSPB and developing our relationship with the Cairngorms National Park to enhance biodiversity on-site.

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