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About RZSS

Impact Report 2023

Now is the time…..our impact so far

Our mission is to save wildlife and empower people in Scotland and around the world to protect, value and love nature.

With more than a million species at risk of extinction, our planets life support system is in crisis. That is why our strategy, launched in 2022, includes three ambitious pledges which we will achieve by 2030:

  • To reverse the decline of at least 50 species
  • To create stronger connections with nature for more than a million people
  • To enable more than 100 communities to better protect nature

In only one year we have made great strides towards making our pledges a reality. In our first ever impact report (below), you will read how we are making a positive impact on species including addax in the Sahara, giant armadillos in Brazil and wildcats here in Scotland. You’ll see how we are already helping many diverse communities to realise the benefits of being closer to nature and find out about some of the incredible ways we are forging connections to nature at our gateways to the natural world: Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park.

None of this could be possible without the amazing RZSS team and the support of our members, donors, Patrons, partners and supporters.