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Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative

Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative

Burma/Myanmar is changing. While political reforms have brought much applauded greater freedoms, pressure is rising on the country’s natural resources in order to achieve high economic growth. In Karen state, a world-renown biodiversity hotspot and home to endemic and critically endangered wildlife species of global conservation priority, KWCI (core funded by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland) has the rare opportunity of intervening at a point where these species can be conserved in uncompromised habitat.

The Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative was developed to formalise a partnership between the Karen National Union, Karen Forestry Division and local and foreign NGOs, and to provide a framework for implementing scientifically sound and immediately effective conservation strategies in this region.

The current objectives and community led approach is determined by the Karen people, based on their existing plans for wildlife sanctuaries and community forests, their knowledge of the area, ability to work within this extremely challenging environment, and their commitment to conserve wildlife to protect their way of life, as well as global biodiversity.

To learn more about the Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative please visit kwci.asia


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