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Endangered Animals Virtual Tour

This interactive session enables pupils to explore the biggest issues affecting wildlife and habitats across the world through a virtual tour. Your class will also have the opportunity to explore our unique resources before, during and after your time with us to make connections and secure their understanding of the threats faced by animals.

Age Suitability: P1 - P7

Availability: Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park

Duration of lesson: 1 hour 

Maximum Class Size: 33

Session Outline

Before your tour, discover some exciting objects virtually via our online resources with your unique link and ask your class, “How might this item link to extinction?”

The session begins with an introduction to endangerment and extinction. While on the virtual tour, we will explore the clues and investigate the threats faced by animals in today’s world. Pupils will also have the chance to work together to consider how they can take action and reduce the impact of the threats.

Supporting resources to use in your classroom are available for free to enhance your virtual tour, including getting creative and inventive, and a literacy challenge linked to journalistic writing.

Session Outcomes

To know and understand the threats animals face in the wild today.

To explore the ways in which individuals can contribute to conserving our world and its wildlife.

Curriculum Links
  • SCN 1-20a ‘I have contributed to discussions of current scientific news items to help develop my awareness of science.’
  • SOC 1-03a ‘I can consider ways of looking after my school or community and can encourage others to care for the environment.’
  • SOC 2-08a ‘I can discuss the environmental impact of human activity and suggest ways in which we can live in a more environmentally-responsible way.’